Callowesse Joey Portable Dog Barrier 63cm – 103.5cm – Denim Grey


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  • UNIQUE UP & DOWN FEATURE: What makes this barrier unique, is that unlike other barriers, you do not need to remove this from your opening to be able to get through. Instead unlock the barrier and lower it down and simply step over with ease.
  • ONE HANDED DOUBLE LOCKING SYSTEM: The Joey has been designed with a one handed double locking system to provide ease of use. For when stepping over, simply unlock the TOP pressure lock only and lower the barrier down.
  • FITS NARROW TO WIDE OPENINGS: - This safety barrier is suitable to be fitted within openings of 63-103.5cm, catering for all types of openings within your home. Follow the easy to read instructions to understand how to extend the barrier.
  • EASILY TRANSFERABLE: Within the pack, you will receive a denim grey carry bag. This will allow you to dismantle and transport the barrier to different locations, for when you go on holiday or for when staying round a relative’s house.
  • DIMENSIONS: Height of barrier when fully extended upwards: 76cm | When fully lowered: 48cm

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