About Us

Products designed with you in mind

In 2015 I was lucky enough to take a birthday trip to Hong Kong. Whilst I was there, I attended my first Baby Products Trade Fair at the HKTDC, purely as an interested onlooker but a seed was sown.

In the following few years, I travelled in Europe and the Far East attending more trade shows and marvelling at the amazing products available to make life easier and better for babies and their parents. As a mother myself I know you need all the help you can get.

The small seed of an idea was all this time growing, blossoming, and fruiting. Callowesse already managed uniquely innovative products for other brands so the natural next stage was to source or develop our own products to fill gaps in the existing markets. Customers were looking for a safety gate for big dogs and there was nothing available in the UK, therefore, worked with a manufacturer in Shenzhen to produce one and launched it in 2016.  

In 2018 I became Director of the Company. My vision for Callowesse was not merely to sell the big name branded goods but to create a new range of original products made to our own high specification offering excellent value for money. I wanted to reflect what I had seen from my own experience of products needed by today’s parents.  After the success of the first gate, others followed and we continued growing to now offer a range of some 50 products under the Callowesse brand, all driven by inspiration from my travels or from customer feedback.  Everything we do and every product we make start with a passion for innovation, quality, and value. 

I hope you will enjoy browsing our store and welcome your feedback.