Callowesse© Dreamy Willow Bunny – Baby Sleep Aid with Smart Cry Sensor and Night Light


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  • PLUSH SUPER SOFT BUNNY RABBIT: Dreamy Willow is a baby shusher sleep aid. Its soft plush fur makes it the perfect companion for your little one night or day. Fitted fastening strap allows attachment to baby's cot, car seat or stroller, meaning Willow can go where baby goes!
  • CRY SENSOR: Dreamy Willow is fitted with a smart Cry Sensor, when activated it detects when your little one is crying and start playing the last played sound then turn on the soft glow Nightlight to help resettle them. The sound and light automatically turns off after 30 minutes. Please ensure to place Willow close enough to your little one to detect crying.
  • REAL MOTHERS HEARTBEAT & CALMING SHUSH: Dreamy Willow sounds include 2 recordings of a mother’s heartbeat and calming shush. Select either of these sounds to help soothe your little one.
  • 6 SOOTHING SOUNDS: Dreamy Willow gives you a choice of 6 soothing sounds to help settle your little one, including Lullabies, 2 White Noises, Mum's Heartbeat & Soft Shusher. All sounds will automatically stop playing after 30 minutes.
  • SOFT GLOW NIGHT LIGHT: Willow Bunny has a soft red glow nightlight to create a calming nursery environment, with a 30 minute timer for automatic turn off, saving on battery life.

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